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Hey There!

The name's Courtney! Although I prefer to go by Court! Here's a little bit about me and how Home+Body got started! 

The Homebody. 
The owner, the maker, the designer, the social media manager, the packager, the shipper, the diy-ing, all-in-one-er.

Starting a business can be straight up daunting. Take it from me, I had, and still don't have a clue what I'm doing most of the time.


Believe it or not, Home+Body was started wayyy back in 2018 as a hobby woodworking gig that went by the name Northern Revival Co. making furniture for our home and for friends and family.  I enjoyed creating pieces that would last the test of time while creating the home I wanted. While it was something I really enjoyed doing, I hesitated on making it a full-time option. 

Fast forward to today, and this biz is focused on a new found love of creating beautiful, lightweight clay earrings, and also providing home content that will hopefully inspire you to pick up some tools and take your home into your own hands!

My husband-to-be and I live in beautiful Northumberland County, Ontario with our two fur-babies Lola and Guinness where I continue on making our home a little slice of heaven and creating even more awesome-ness for your bad-ass selves! 

Welcome to the community!


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